When working for us, you can look forward to

Your working hours and where you work are as flexible as you are: You can use our modern Multispaces, work while on the go or work up to 100 percent remotely

We allow you to work from anywhere you want for up to 120 days a year, so you can extend your holiday or visit distant family and friends.

  • Your health is important to us, so we offer a variety of health initiatives and after-work events, such as a personalised stress check, courses for maintaining a healthy back, or running meet-ups.

  • For us, work is all about cooperation and respecting each other as equals. We are team players, because we know what a team can achieve.

  • You will have access to over 20,000 online and extern offers on our company's digital training platform. Development plans with specific professional development programs make it easy for you to plan your professional development schedule.

  • And we care about your kids: We offer nursery care in Erkrath and have parent-child offices at our headquarters.

Your challenges - your tasks

We are looking for talented people who can master challenges in our IT, Sales, Key Account & Partner Management, Customer Service & Business Security, Marketing, Products & Portfolio, People & Culture, Finance, Debt Collection & Legal and General Management departments. Where would you most like to support us?

Hero qualities - This is your profile

In addition to professional qualifications, a mindset that matches our culture and values is important to us. What do you bring to the table? Together we will see how you can contribute to us.


We love roads. They connect people, cities and countries, overcome national borders and keep the world together right up to the very last bend. We connect everyone involved in logistics and make road freight transport smart, safe and simple. We are pioneers and companions for networking in logistics. Started as a bold start-up in Erkrath near Düsseldorf, our founder found that logistics needed to be organized in a much smarter, more digital and more international way. The result: the TIMOCOM marketplace. We have since grown to become one of the most successful medium-sized IT and data specialists for the logistics industry in Europe and one of the most popular IT employers in Germany, offering job security even in times of crisis - as evidenced by the many years of service of our employees. But we are not satisfied with that: We are continuously expanding our TIMOCOM marketplace with new, forward-looking and, above all, digital solutions to help our customers keep the world moving tomorrow. 

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You might be a TIMO if...

You enjoy having the freedom to work flexibly and independently.

You value working with your international customers and colleagues.

You love working in a team and actively work to improve communication, both within your team and outside of it.

What our TIMOs say

“I love working at TIMOCOM, especially the international aspect. We get in touch with so many different cultures, and are really focused on teamwork. Typical Financial Accounting tasks include auditing, allocation and booking ongoing transactions, and processing customer payments. We also work on a variety of projects, and are focused on digitalisation. My job is exciting and varied, and I can work from home.”

Suna, Financial Accounting Specialist


FAQ on applying and onboarding

  1. Application: We recommend applying using our online application tool. You can find the link in every job post. We only need your contact information and your resume – no need to write a cover letter. 
  2. Interview: We want to get to know you in person. After an initial phone interview, you will speak to your prospective department and our recruiters; the atmosphere is relaxed, and we will discuss expectations, what you want from the position, framework conditions and so on. Of course there will be plenty of time for you to ask questions. 
  3. Meeting day: Is the chemistry right? You will have a chance to get to know the people you will be working with. There might be a small work task waiting to help you warm up. The duration of the meeting day varies and depends on the position to be filled. The schedule will be customised to suit you and the job you are applying for.  
  4. Decision: Afterwards you will have time to review your impressions of the company and we will take some time to consider your application. In just a few days, we will get back to you, hopefully to discuss your onboarding process as a new TIMO. 

We are committed to ensuring that communication throughout the entire application process remains transparent and honest: we will provide regular updates regarding the status of your application. Our goal is for you to feel good about the process, from start to finish.

Enter your contact details into the application form and upload your resume. We don’t need you to send a photo or write a cover letter.

Yes, our system will automatically send you a notice of receipt. If you haven’t received one, please contact the contact person listed in the job posting.

We will contact you after a week at the latest.

Onboarding will be customised to suit you and your position, and structured based on company guidelines. You will be assigned a buddy to help you through the process: a TIMO who is doing an apprenticeship or work-based degree with us, ready to help you if you have any questions, work related or otherwise.

Is there anything else you want to know?

Cassandra Undorf
Talent Acquisition Manager
+49 211 88 26 4067 +49 173 16 96 194 cundorf@timocom.com

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