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Our team of employees is what makes us stand out from the crowd: Together, we dare to discover new ideas and promote innovation. TIMOCOM is a reliable employer that gives you the power to implement your ideas. We provide targeted professional development opportunities that take you to the next level. In our work environment, we encourage feedback and understand that mistakes are an opportunity to improve together. We TIMOs are diverse, with a range of personalities, cultural backgrounds and resumes, creating a colourful mix of perspectives and opinions, each well respected and integrated into our team.

Work-life balance

Flexible hours, flextime, hybrid working, or up to 100 percent remote: depending on your position at TIMOCOM, we allow you to adjust your workday to suit your life. Our clocking system is accurate to the minute, providing a great work-life balance. healthy work-life balance. Accumulate working time in a time account and easily reduce overtime, because every Hero needs a break. You want to work remotely? No problem, we will ensure that you still feel like part of the team.

Relocate your home office to a place with guaranteed sea breezes or mountain air: With us, you can work from abroad worldwide for up to 120 days a year. So you can extend your vacation or visit family and friends far away. Mental health and a good work-life balance are important to us. For this reason, work and vacation are not opposites at TIMOCOM - we combine both. During your workation you are automatically covered by travel insurance, because your health is important to us!

In addition to flexible working hours, we are committed to making sure that you are able to meet both work and family obligations. Our parent-child offices feature a desk, a ball pit, and an area specifically designed for small children, allowing kids to play safely while you work. We also have a nursery: our company owners, the Thiermann family, set up a nursery to make finding childcare easier for employees.



Professional development opportunities

We support our employees and are committed to providing opportunities for both personal and professional development, regardless of which department they work in. We offer individual coaching sessions, seminars of varying lengths and even full on courses of study: our comprehensive professional development catalogue has plenty of options for you to explore. In addition to individual professional development options, we also learn as a community: we engage in social learning when we talk to one another, observe one another and work together to master challenges.

Flexible professional development tailored to your needs

Our goal is to keep getting better and better. That’s why #keepgrowing is one of our company values. In addition to dealing with errors openly and honestly, and our TIMOs’ commitment to accountability, we believe that making time for growth is an essential component of this value: as a TIMOCOM employee, you will have access to four hours each month to invest in your professional or personal development at a time that works for you; if your manager approves, you can even add more hours to the initial four.

Our internal eLearning platform

Over 20,000 professional development options on a single platform – exclusively available to TIMOs. You can create your own personal development playlist from this extensive offer, and even share it with your co-workers. You can also expand your own knowledge base by adding links to relevant articles or videos. Development plans with specific professional development programs make it easy for you to plan your professional development schedule.

Our leadership development program

We support our managers individually according to their needs, with a structured, strategic approach: after an analysis, we discuss strengths and areas where there is room for growth, and then work together to set new goals. The result is a development plan with custom options such as seminars, coaching, workshops or on-the-job training. Regular follow-up meetings ensure that your success is both guaranteed and sustainable. Our leadership staff are always learning from one another, and mentoring partnerships allow experienced managers to pass on their expertise.

We improve our English skills with Speexx

Our TIMOs come from 40 different nations. In order to continue growing together as an #Oneteam, we are communicating more and more with our international TIMOs in English. We are supporting all TIMOs in the transition and have introduced the Speexx language learning app. Depending on the language level, each TIMO receives customized lessons on grammar and vocabulary. There are also live group sessions to encourage active speaking.


Health & financial benefits

For an additional financial freedom and flexibility the annual salary is divided into 13 instead of 12 months and is therefore paid out as holiday and Christmas bonuses. We also offer a variety of other attractive programs, such as contributing to company retirement benefit payments, nursery costs for young children, your at-home internet bill, and providing prepaid gift certificates.

We are committed to saving the environment, so we offer you the option of leasing an electric or regular bicycle. Cycling isn’t for you? In that case, we’ll be happy to offer you access to a discounted Deutschland-Ticket. If you drive to work, then we have a transport allowance for you. Plus, there are plenty of free parking spaces available at our offices.

We want you to be happy and healthy. So we offer a variety of health initiatives and after-work events, such as a personalised stress check, courses for maintaining a healthy back, or running meet-ups – there really is something for everyone.

Team & work culture

For us, work is all about cooperation and respecting each other as equals. As a family-run company, we are always working to create an environment in which every employee is happy to come to work, has a sense of well-being and can work on personal development. That means everything from small benefits, like no dress codes, to larger opportunities, such as customised professional development options and more.

Whether it's a strategy event, a spring party, a joint visit to the Rhine funfair, our annual summer party or the Road Freight Heroes Festival to mark our 25th anniversary - we like to celebrate our company successes as a team in a relaxed atmosphere. But that's not all. Through TIMOMeet, we network our TIMOs with each other every month by organizing a great after-work event through one department. Because as team players, we value community and networking!

We are team players, because we know what a team can achieve. We look out for each other and enjoy the flexibility and freedom on offer. Every single TIMO is a valuable member of our team.

Due to our specialisation and internationality, today over 500 employees from more than 30 countries are working both at our German headquarters in Erkrath, close to Düsseldorf, and at our offices in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The company founder Jens Thiermann is at the helm, working in cooperation with his son, Tim Thiermann, combining long standing management experience with new perspectives as the family run company moves forward. Together, we can already look back at many successful corporate milestones .

We celebrate our successes together

New Ways of Working

Our multispaces are based on the idea that one-size-fits-all solutions cannot possibly fulfil our need for silent, concentrated, creative or collaborative environments. That’s why our offices are neither open-plan nor closed off; instead, they allow our employees to choose the best space for their current task. These rooms are available to everyone, with an efficient desk sharing model.

A selection of fresh, regional and sustainable meals, relaxed meal times with co-workers, a comfortable atmosphere and an inviting rooftop terrace – just another ordinary lunch break in at TIMOCOM. It goes without saying that we bear some of the cost, so you can have a cheap and healthy meal. A side salad or dessert, as well as refreshing sodas are included free of charge for our Heroes!

Want to put your teamwork skills to the test? Then our table football, air field hockey, table tennis or pool table offer you the best opportunity to compete against your teammates and clear your head. Particularly good players regularly compete in exciting competitions. The ball pit invites you to relax. To round off the working day perfectly, a free (non-alcoholic) beer is of course a must.

What our TIMOs say

“There is no better option when it comes to professional development. Any time you want, you can explore other departments or change jobs without having to leave the company. At TIMOCOM, I’m treated like a person, not just a number.”

Marc, Collection Specialist


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