Relocate your home office to a place with guaranteed sea breezes or mountain air: With us, you can work from abroad worldwide for up to 120 days a year. So you can extend your vacation or visit family and friends far away. Mental health and a good work-life balance are important to us. For this reason, work and vacation are not opposites at TIMOCOM - we combine both. During your workation you are automatically covered by travel insurance, because your health is important to us!

"At TIMOCOM, vacation and work are not mutually exclusive! Thanks to Workation, our employees can work abroad for up to 120 days a year. Our TIMOs have worked abroad for over 4200 days so far"

Luisa, Business Partner People & Culture

Workation works


Together with our partner WorkFlex, we regularly send our TIMOs on their travels. Their latest survey shows why workation works for us!


State that workation increases their job satisfaction


See workations as an important decision factor in their choice of job


Have been able to actively reduce stress and increase their productivity through workation



Flemming on workation in Bali and Australi

Our Corporate Innovation Manager Flemming spent 8 weeks on the other side of the world and worked from abroad.  Flemming is working in Bali and combined this with a vacation in Australia.

Despite the time zone difference, the collaboration with the team is excellent. True to our value #worktogether.




Silvia in Guatemala



Silvia from the Debt Collection division spent her workation with her family in Guatemala and was able to enjoy a fantastic view while working.

"Traveling and working is the perfect combination for a good work-life balance. I was able to visit my family in Guatemala for a month and work at the same time. It worked out great and now I will fly home again and again for longer periods of time. I am grateful for this opportunity and can only recommend anyone to take advantage of this great offer."

Workation with work colleagues? Why not?



Kubilay spent some of his 120 days a year workation in Bali:
"During one of my lunch breaks, I was talking to two other TIMOs about how we would love to travel to a faraway place... this time we just made it happen! We packed our bags and boarded the plane to Bali. Due to the time difference, we were able to go on great excursions before work, for example to the monkey forest or visit temples, have breakfast in various places and then sit down at a table right next to the pool, enjoy the weather and work at the same time. The perfect mix of productivity, relaxation and adventure!"


Workation Insights from our TIMOs

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