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Out of school and straight into the workplace: we are here to guide you on your path into the working world. We act as your mentor, ensuring that you acquire all the professional knowledge and personal skills that you need to thrive in the work world. And we go one step further: if you complete your time with us with distinction, we’ll offer you a full time job at the end of your time with us.  

Your comfort at work is just as important to us as customised professional development opportunities and tailored exam prep options. In addition to your professional mentor, we will team you up with a fellow apprentice who is further along in their course. Both your mentor and your buddy are there to help you when you need it. We want to make sure that you get off to a good start, so we offer a free lunch and drinks to all our apprentices.  

Depending on our current needs, we offer apprenticeships in the areas of IT, marketing and customer service.

Dual studies at TIMOCOM

You have a German Abitur or equivalent and want to gain practical work experience while you study? Then a work-based degree is the perfect option. You will learn all about theory at university, and can put that theory into practice during your time with us. We will support you as learn and expand upon the skills and abilities you need to be successful in the professional world. And as a TIMO, you can rest assured that if you complete your time with us with distinction, we’ll offer you a full time job at the end of your time with us. 

Your professional mentor and supervisor will be there to help you when you need them, and we provide opportunities for professional development, even during your work-based degree program. By the way: as a work-based degree candidate, you eat for free and can help yourself to free drinks whenever you like.  

We offer the following work-based degrees: Business Informatics, International Management, Digital Logistics and Business Administration. Our work-based degree programs are generally offered in partnership with the FOM University of Applied Sciences.


Student jobs

Jump-start your professional career: we are here to guide you on your path into the working world. A student job allows you to gain valuable experience and understanding regarding what we do at work and your potential career. Here at TIMOCOM, you are our focus: you are a full-fledged member of the team who can contribute from day one. We care about your ideas, not how long you have worked for us. We look forward to growing with you, and will be happy to offer you a permanent position once you are done studying, provided there is one available. Depending on availability, we offer student jobs in IT, Marketing, People & Culture, Key Account & Partner Management and Products & Portfolio.

When working for us, you can look forward to

What our TIMOs say

"As an apprentice at TIMOCOM, you are warmly welcomed from the very first second and seen as a fully-fledged team member. It feels like joining a small family. The support and trust of colleagues and superiors help you to continuously develop and realize your potential. This allows me to grow through every challenge and develop my skills."

Emily, trainee dialog marketing


FAQ on applying and onboarding

  1. Application: We recommend applying using our online application tool. You can find the link in every job post. We only need your contact information and your resume – no need to write a cover letter. 
  2. Interview: We want to get to know you in person. After an initial phone interview, you will speak to your prospective department and our recruiters; the atmosphere is relaxed, and we will discuss expectations, what you want from the position, framework conditions and so on. Of course there will be plenty of time for you to ask questions. 
  3. Meeting day: Is the chemistry right? You will have a chance to get to know the people you will be working with. There might be a small work task waiting to help you warm up. The duration of the meeting day varies and depends on the position to be filled. The schedule will be customised to suit you and the job you are applying for.  
  4. Decision: Afterwards you will have time to review your impressions of the company and we will take some time to consider your application. In just a few days, we will get back to you, hopefully to discuss your onboarding process as a new TIMO. 

We are committed to ensuring that communication throughout the entire application process remains transparent and honest: we will provide regular updates regarding the status of your application. Our goal is for you to feel good about the process, from start to finish.

Enter your contact details into the application form and upload your resume. We don’t need you to send a photo or write a cover letter.

Yes, our system will automatically send you a notice of receipt. If you haven’t received one, please contact the contact person listed in the job posting.

We will contact you after a week at the latest.

Onboarding will be customised to suit you and your position, and structured based on company guidelines. You will be assigned a buddy to help you through the process: a TIMO who is doing an apprenticeship or work-based degree with us, ready to help you if you have any questions, work related or otherwise.

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