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When working for us, you can look forward to

Flexible hours, flextime, hybrid working, or 100 percent remote: depending on your position at TIMOCOM, we allow you to adjust your workday to suit your life. Our clocking system is accurate to the minute, providing a great work-life balance. You want to work remotely? No problem, we will ensure that you still feel like part of the team.

Move your remote office closer to the seaside, or take in some spectacular mountain scenery: we allow you to work from anywhere you want for up to 120 days a year, so you can extend your holiday or visit distant family and friends.

Agile processes are a given, as is a diverse tech stack and up-to-date architecture and technology. We even have our own research team to make sure we stay at the cutting edge of the industry.

For us, work is all about cooperation and respecting each other as equals. As a family-run company, we are always working to create an environment in which every employee is happy to come to work, has a sense of well-being and can work on personal development. That means everything from small benefits, like no dress codes, to larger opportunities, such as customised professional development options and more.

We are team players, because we know what a team can achieve. We look out for each other and enjoy the flexibility and freedom on offer. Every single TIMO is a valuable member of our team.

We want you to be happy and healthy. So we offer a variety of health initiatives and after-work events, such as a personalised stress check, courses for maintaining a healthy back, or running meet-ups – there really is something for everyone.


We believe in a world without logistical challenges. Our goal is to make the logistics industry smarter, safer and simpler. Our full stack in-house development team encompasses the entire product development spectrum, from strategic design to technical architecture and implementation and up to and including quality assurance and long-term maintenance. Working from an interdisciplinary perspective, we analyse the latest technologies so we can continue to improve our products and create added value for our customers. Every team member is responsible for the success of our projects, and we are committed to creating high-quality products. That’s why we discuss mistakes openly to ensure they are not repeated, and share our knowledge and expertise with one another.

About our IT Department

  • Over 160 Tech-TIMOs 

  • 12 Developer Teams 

  • Cross-functional teams 

  • Agile development (SCRUM) 

  • Organised into Communities of Practice 

  • Company research team 

  • Prototyping 

  • Machine Learning 

Our Tech Stack

Technologies and programming languages at TIMOCOM

Backend Dev

Java: JDK 11+ | JDK 17+ 

Spring: Spring Boot | Spring Security/-MVC/-Data 

Source Version Control/Revision Control Systems: Git | GitLab 

Build Tools: Maven | Gradle 

Persistence: JPA | Hibernate 


Container: Docker | rkt 

Orchestration: Kubernetes| docker-compose 

CI/CD: GitLab | Jenkins 

No-SQL: Elastic Search | MongoDB 

Architecture: Microservices, RESTfull API

Frontend Dev

Programming Languages: TypeScript | JavaScript/ECMAScript, HTML, CSS

Component Frameworks: React | Angular

Build Tools: Webpack | npm/yarn

Source Version, Control/Revision Control, Systems: Git | GitLab

Persistence: JPA | Hibernate

RESTfull API: OpenAPI | GraphQL

Container: Docker | rkt

CI/CD: GitLab | Jenkins

Testing: TestCafe | Testing Library, BackstopJS

No-SQL: Elastic Search | MongoDB

Java: JDK 11+ | JDK 17+

Spring: Spring Boot | Spring Security/-MVC/-Data

Responsive Design

The TIMOCOM Marketplace by the numbers


  • Up to 1 million freight and vehicle offers daily 
  • Over 55,000 customers  
  • More than 147,000 System users 
  • Over 10 billion Apache Kafka events each year

Professional development opportunities

We support our employees and are committed to providing opportunities for both personal and professional development, regardless of which department they work in. We offer individual coaching sessions, seminars of varying lengths and even full on courses of study: our comprehensive professional development catalogue has plenty of options for you to explore. In addition to individual professional development options, we also learn as a community: we engage in social learning when we talk to one another, observe one another and work together to master challenges.

Flexible professional development tailored to your needs

Our goal is to keep getting better and better. That’s why #keepgrowing is one of our company values. In addition to dealing with errors openly and honestly, and our TIMOs’ commitment to accountability, we believe that making time for growth is an essential component of this value: as a TIMOCOM employee, you will have access to four hours each month to invest in your professional or personal development at a time that works for you; if your manager approves, you can even add more hours to the initial four. We create multi-step educational paths for specific topics and roles, for example DevOps training sessions.

Our internal eLearning platform

Over 20,000 professional development options on a single platform – exclusively available to TIMOs. You can create your own personal development playlist from this extensive offer, and even share it with your co-workers. You can also expand your own knowledge base by adding links to relevant articles or videos. Development plans with specific professional development programs make it easy for you to plan your professional development schedule.

Professional development at conferences & meet-ups

We know how fast-paced this business is, and how important it is to keep up. That’s why we are happy to send you to relevant conferences, such as JavaLand or JAX, so you can expand your skillset and meet like-minded colleagues. We also provide access to the most important professional publications, such as JavaMagazine.

Our leadership development program

We support our managers individually according to their needs, with a structured, strategic approach: after an analysis, we discuss strengths and areas where there is room for growth, and then work together to set new goals. The result is a development plan with custom options such as seminars, coaching, workshops or on-the-job training. Regular follow-up meetings ensure that your success is both guaranteed and sustainable. Our leadership staff are always learning from one another, and mentoring partnerships allow experienced managers to pass on their expertise.

Apply now to become a TIMO!

Become a hero – apply proactively

You couldn’t quite find what you were looking for? Or you have a different set of super powers? Major challenges need heroes that can approach them from unconventional angles, so we will be happy to accept your speculative job application. We will work together to discover where you fit in.

What our TIMOs say

“Every day, I work with over 690 colleagues to make working in logistics simpler. No two projects are the same, so we work with a variety of frameworks and technologies. I really appreciate the fact that there are opportunities to work both independently and as part of a cross-functional team. I’m learning so much about software development, which allows me to work together with my team to conquer really challenging problems. We are a motivated team working in an agile work environment, 95% remote, with flexible working hours.”

Jan, Software Engineer


FAQ on applying and onboarding

  1. Application: We recommend applying using our online application tool. You can find the link in every job post. We only need your contact information and your resume – no need to write a cover letter. 
  2. Interview: We want to get to know you in person. After an initial phone interview, you will speak to your prospective department and our recruiters; the atmosphere is relaxed, and we will discuss expectations, what you want from the position, framework conditions and so on. Of course there will be plenty of time for you to ask questions. 
  3. Meeting day: Is the chemistry right? You will have a chance to get to know the people you will be working with. There might be a small work task waiting to help you warm up. The duration of the meeting day varies and depends on the position to be filled. The schedule will be customised to suit you and the job you are applying for.  
  4. Decision: Afterwards you will have time to review your impressions of the company and we will take some time to consider your application. In just a few days, we will get back to you, hopefully to discuss your onboarding process as a new TIMO. 

We are committed to ensuring that communication throughout the entire application process remains transparent and honest: we will provide regular updates regarding the status of your application. Our goal is for you to feel good about the process, from start to finish.

Enter your contact details into the application form and upload your resume. We don’t need you to send a photo or write a cover letter.

Yes, our system will automatically send you a notice of receipt. If you haven’t received one, please contact the contact person listed in the job posting.

We will contact you after a week at the latest.

Onboarding will be customised to suit you and your position, and structured based on company guidelines. You will be assigned a buddy to help you through the process: a TIMO who is doing an apprenticeship or work-based degree with us, ready to help you if you have any questions, work related or otherwise.

Is there anything else you want to know?

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