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We TIMOs work together to overcome every challenge. Our team is what makes us special: we are an innovative IT company with a strong community of employees working together to ensure that the future of the logistics industry is smart, safe and simple.

Our centerpiece- TIMOCOM Marketplace



With our TIMOCOM marketplace, we offer our customers a variety of products and services, with which we support companies from production and trade as well as freight forwarders and carriers in arranging transport orders in road freight transport. TIMOCOM attaches great importance to intuitive usability so that logistical challenges can be mastered more easily.

The TIMOCOM freight exchange enables companies to find and offer freight offers quickly and easily.

By connecting supply and demand, empty runs are avoided and vehicle utilization is increased.

With integrated route planning and the option of exchanging documents directly via the platform, the Road Freight solution offers a convenient and efficient solution for the logistics industry.

With live shipment tracking from TIMOCOM, companies can track the status of their shipments in real time.

Everyone involved in transportation knows at all times where their shipments are, whether they have already been loaded and when the truck will reach the unloading point.

Thanks to the calculation of the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and automatic status messages, time-consuming phone calls, emails and WhatsApp messages are a thing of the past.

TIMOCOM offers a variety of interfaces, such as the freight exchange interface, transport orders and tracking, which allow the Road Freight Service to be integrated into existing systems.

By integrating logistics software, telematics software and other tools, companies can optimize and automate their processes. This increases efficiency and reduces sources of error.

The TIMOCOM transport barometer shows the current ratio of freight to loading space on the European market.

Truck route planning provides information on arrival time, route length, toll roads, roadworks, traffic and truck restrictions. It also provides precise cost planning for the selected route.

Inkasso International is an efficient partner for receivables management. Our debt collection service team mediates for our customers in 27 languages.

In our marketplace you will find over 9,000 warehouse spaces from 46 European countries.

With our payment service powered by JITpay™, we ensure fast payment and liquidity for carriers and freight forwarders.

Our Business Partner Check enables our customers to find verified transport partners.

Further services and more detailed information can be found on our TIMOCOM product site.


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Apprenticeships and work-based degrees

You are (almost) finished school and interested in working in IT? If you want to start your professional life by working with a team that treats you as an equal while both challenging and supporting you as you learn and grow, then please take a look at our apprenticeship and work-based degree opportunities. Let’s work together to create an innovative, digital platform that can be used by transport and logistics companies to avoid empty runs, actively contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions!

What our TIMOs say

“Together with over 690 co-workers, I spend every day making daily logistics tasks simpler. No two projects are the same, so we work with a variety of frameworks and technologies. I really appreciate the fact that there are opportunities to work both independently and as part of a cross-functional team. I’m learning so much about software development, which allows me to work together with my team to conquer really challenging problems. We are a motivated team working in an agile work environment, 95 % remote, with flexible working hours.”

Jan , Software Engineer


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