When working for us, you can look forward to

Your working hours and where you work are as flexible as you are: You can use our modern Multispaces, work while on the go or work up to 100 percent remotely

We allow you to work from anywhere you want for up to 120 days a year, so you can extend your holiday or visit distant family and friends.

  • As a family-run company, we are always working to create an environment in which every employee is happy to come to work, has a sense of well-being and can work on personal development.
  • You will have access to over 20,000 online and extern offers on our company's digital training platform. Development plans with specific professional development programs make it easy for you to plan your professional development schedule.

  • Your health is important to us, so we offer a variety of health initiatives and after-work events, such as a personalised stress check, courses for maintaining a healthy back, or running meet-ups.

  • For us, work is all about cooperation and respecting each other as equals. We are team players, because we know what a team can achieve.

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You might be a TIMO if...

You enjoy having the freedom to work flexibly and independently.

You value working with your international customers and colleagues.

You love working in a team and actively work to improve communication, both within your team and outside of it.

What our TIMOs say

“In my time at TIMOCOM, I have been pleased to discover that everyone is open to new suggestions and ideas; we discuss them candidly, and never reject anything out of hand. We work as a team to develop new ideas, and everyone does their part to achieve our common goals.  

As a Quality & Skill Specialist, I am able to continue to learn and grow, and can ask my colleagues for honest feedback at any time.”

Jan, Quality & Skill Specialist

Testimonial_Customer Service & Business Security_Jan Bruchmann

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